# Samples

The Samples feature contains sample UI Pages and routes for example Home, About, and Components pages. This is the default Home page you see when you first log into your app (full of Lorem Ipsum), and the "About" and "Components" links you'll see in your initial sidebar.

# Disabling

This is an example feature designed to be disabled as soon as you start building your own routes and pages. To disable it, copy the features entry from wood/config/app.js, paste it in your app/config/app.js file and remove the samples feature from the wood array. It should look similar to:

   * @type {Object} Enabled features.
  features: {
    app: [],

     * @type {Array<String>} List of enabled Nodewood features.
    wood: [

By default, the App Sidebar contains links to these pages, which will no longer work. To remove them, add an empty appSidebar entry to your app/config/ui.js file, like so:

   * @type {Array<Object>} Menu items that appear in the app sidebar.
  appSidebar: [{

From there, you can set up and configure your sidebar as normal.