Build your next app with Nodewood

Don't waste time writing boilerplate application code.

Save weeks or months of development time and start writing code now!

Building a SaaS app is HARD

Before you write even one line of business logic, you have to:

  • choose a language,
  • pick a framework,
  • set up your development environment and build system,
  • build a secure user creation, authentication, and management system,
  • build a skeleton UI,
  • set up state management between your API and your UI...
And that's just some of what you'll need. The list of what you're going to want is even longer!

Building a SaaS app with Nodewood is EASY

With Nodewood, you get a full skeleton application and development environment that you can use to start writing your business code immediately after installing and save the weeks or even months of time it would take to set up the basics correctly and securely.

Plus, you get access to security and functionality updates as we improve Nodewood while you focus on building and improving your app.

Here's what you don't have to build when you build with Nodewood


What's more important than getting paid? Nodewood integrates with Stripe to allow you to easily set up multiple, easily-managed subscription plans and get paid, with a minimum amount of work on your part.

User Account Management

User creation, email confirmation, login/logout, profile management, password reset via email, JWT invalidation at the user and app level - who wants to write all that themselves? None of that adds value to your business -- let us obsess over it, so you can obsess over your business.

User Administration Console

Sure, you could just hit up the users table in the database for all your user management, but that's error-prone and just a little barbaric, right? Nodewood provides a full User Administration Console out of the box where you can edit and delete users, or trigger a password reset email for them.

Customizable app theme

Nodewood comes with a beautiful standard theme that you can use out-of-the box, but you can also customize it to your heart's content by modifying the Tailwind config file and watching the changes take effect across your whole app.

Vue.js components

Every app tends to need a pretty common collection of components: text boxes with validation, tables, pagination, buttons, that kinda stuff. Use Nodewood's Vue.js components to accelerate the build time of your app.

Tailwind CSS

Nodewood's UI is built on Tailwind CSS, a utility-first CSS framework that's taking the frontend world by storm. Thanks to this, building and customing Vue.js components is a snap, and global theme properties can be modified by just changing a single file. Customize your app to look the way you want!

100% Javascript

Nodewood is Node.js on the backend and Vue.js on the frontend. Your validation and models are shared between both, so you can save time by writing it once and using it everywhere. No need to write, maintain, and debug business and validation logic in multiple languages or multiple places!

Vagrant development VM

Just run vagrant up to get a fully-configured virtual machine for development. The latest Node.js, Nginx, and PostgreSQL are installed and ready, and your code folder is synced with fast mounting options for a fast VM.

Smart Database Choices

Nodewood combines the power of PostgreSQL and MassiveJS with the flexibility of Knex.js's migrations to give you simple and powerful control over your data. It's quick to get started, but won't lock you into a simplified ORM when you need advanced features.

Designed To Be Extendable!

Any file included in the Nodewood framework can be extended by creating an identically-named file in your app folder. Our custom loaders for Webpack, Express, Jest, and Eslint will resolve and load that file instead. From there, you can require and extend the original file directly, or replace it entirely! This simple extendability means you're never 'trapped' - you can always make sure your code and your way has priority.

  • Full Source Code
  • All Features
  • One Year of Updates
  • One Project
  • Full Source Code
  • All Features
  • One Year of Updates
  • Unlimited Projects

Build your next app with Nodewood!

Save weeks or months of time compared to building it by yourself.