# Roadmap

Nodewood is nearing the end of its beta release cycle. This document details upcoming release plans, so you can stay in the know about the future of Nodewood, and how compatible that is with your development and release plans.

# 0.20.0

# Vue 3 standard build

The current release. This release changes from using the Vue 3 migration build to the Vue 3 standard build. If you have not updated your code to be Vue 3 compatible by now, the warnings you were receiving will likely turn to errors at this point.

You can re-enable the migration build yourself manually, but this is not supported. Going forward, Nodewood will assume it is working with the Vue 3 standard build.

# Scripts

Not all application tasks can or should be accomplished with a web UI. One-off or recurring scripts are frequently a better solution. This release will add the ability to trigger a script from the command line that has full access to your Nodewood Services, Models, and other code.

# Final beta release

This will also be the final beta release. At this time, all known, outstanding bugs will have been resolved, and all the rough edges will be sanded down. This does not represent the end of Nodewood, far from it, but the beginning of the period where Nodewood can be considered "production-ready."

# 1.0.0

The full list of features for the initial production release is not yet finalized, but it will almost certainly include an automated solution for production deploys.